* PhotoFunia

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PhotoFunia uses Faces Detection technology and enables users to create funny pix with their own faces. The free web tool is quite a stunner and it turned popular a few years back where Facebook users will upload their funny pix and promote their service via word of mouth.

I already had a bunch of wicked photos with PhotoFunia and I think you should do the same too. Visit PhotoFunia online now.

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* Wake Up Later

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Wake Up Later

Wake Up Later is a blog that talks about website building, freelancing, blogging, as well online entrepreneurship. It covers various related topics – from freelance tips and programming to SEO and internet marketing; and receive quite some attention as a successful blogger.

Visit Wake Up Later now.

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* The Web Hosting Hero

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The Web Hosting Hero

Different from most websites listed here in DsgnxDvlp.com, The Web Hosting Hero is rather commercial-oriented and write tons of low-value affiliate sales copy. Nevertheless, I think the owner of the website did a good job in setting up a remarkable theme that stands out from the rest.

Visit The Web Hosting Hero.

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* Block Poster

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Block Poster

Dream about bringing your desktop wallpaper alive as wall poster? Block Poster can helps. The website offers the ability to create any size wall posters from any size images and it is absolutely free of use. There are tons of stunning posters made using this free tool and you can view some of the greatest in their web gallery.

To start making fun with your personal image collection, visit Block Poster online.

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* Lunarpages Web Hosting

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Web hosting provider Lunarpages launched a new web design early this year and the new web layout is looking great. I’m kind of impressed with the efforts put into enhancing the website and think they have provide great hosting services.

Visit Lunarpages online.

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* Jon Gerlach

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Jon Gerlach

Jon Gerlach is a media design student that runs a portfolio website at Jpgerlach.com/. The website exhibits series of interesting art work and it’s worth visiting for all other designers.

Visit Jon Gerlach.

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* Best of Craiglist

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The Best of CraigList

The Best of Craiglist is hardly to be known as a website. It’s more like a series of blogpost on off beat news and humours generated by its users. There are little design works done on the webpage but I think it’s a very well developed piece of good work.

I read around The Best of Craiglist every time when I need some humor, I think you should do the same as well – start reading The Best of Craiglist.

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* Slice Ninja Web Designs

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Slice Ninja

Need some Ninja’s magic to transform your initial magic to actual web designs? Have no fear, Slice Ninja is here to help. Slice Ninja is a well developed website that sells web design and coding works. Their business promise is to take your design and turn it into a valid XHTML & CSS webpage within 3 business days.

Visit Slice Ninja online.

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* Blogger Talks

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Blogger Talks

Blogger Talks is a blog about bloggers who matter, what they do and their experiences. We’re acting as the middle man here, talking to them and doing interviews.I love checking out BloggerTalks on regular basis. The interviews with all the big-names-bloggers are just inspiring. Interviews and writings are published twice a week at Blogger Talks, so remember to bookmark them in your browser/RSS readers for future updates.

Visit Blogger Talks online.

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* Friday Fix: Color Scheme Designer

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Color Scheme Designer

Need help in producing the right color themes? Then Color Scheme Designer is the right web tool for you. Theweb tool has an intuitive interface and the ability to bookmark generated color themes. From website designs to avatar models, Color Scheme Designer is a brilliant tool for those who are selecting colors and sketching out their initial (whatever) designs.

Visit Color Scheme Designer.

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